Driver of the month

Driver of the month

Introducing the “Need-A-Cab Club 80”

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the dedication and commitment of our drivers! The last few month shave been incredibly tough for everyone within the Private Hire/Taxi trade which is why we have created the “CLUB 80” scheme at Need-A-Cab!
To qualify for Driver of the Month, a driver must:
1. “Complete” a minimum of 80 jobs per week over a 4 week period (Total of 320)
2. Work either a Saturday or a Sunday (We don’t expect any driver to work every/all weekend)
3. Driver of the Month will be drawn “Live” on Facebook and the day and time will be announced prior to the draw
4. The prize for “Driver of the Month” will be a full month of Zero Commission (£520 will be credited to your driver account!!)

Please note:
This has been based on a 5 day week = 16 jobs per day and all account work/school runs are included to make it achievable for everybody.
Any rejected jobs will be deducted from the total job count!!

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